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January 2022 - SABIC Specialties Material Solutions Portfolio Overview

SABIC Specialties business is focused on challenging technology endeavours that deliver fundamental progress to the way the world travels, communicates, works and lives.

Leveraging global application technology centres and deep materials processing expertise, Specialties’ solutions are provided to a wide range of industries to support global megatrends such as healthcare and water management, automotive electrification, renewable energy, connectivity and sustainability.

SABIC’s Specialties portfolio under the brands of ULTEM™, EXTEM™, SILTEM™, NORYL™, LNP™, ELCRES™ and ELCRIN™ includes engineering thermoplastic resins, copolymers, blends, compounds, composites, films, filaments and additives which can be described by 12 properties and strives to push boundaries.

For further information please contact:-

Vince Murphy – vince@polydistuk.com, Neil Lawson – neil@polydistuk.com or Anna Wodniak – anna@polydistuk.com