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Member of the BPF ISO 9001 Certified Logo Plastik City Partner Logo
Member of the BPF ISO 9001 Certified Logo Plastik City Partner Logo

Polydist Plastics Live 2024 success

May 2024 - Dean Fosbury joins the team

March 2024 - Two New Directors To Shape UK Market

Milestone celebrations!

Polydist welcomes Lucy Tronson to the Team

Polydist welcomes Lucy Tronson to the Team.

Lucy will be working within Specialties, providing valuable support to the Team.

Lucy has strong customer service and multi-tasking skills and is used to working in a busy environment.  

Lucy can be contacted at lucy@polydistuk.com 

We wish Lucy a long and successful career with Polydist

May 2023 - Ralph Young

It is with very heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Ralph Young at the end of last week.

Ralph had over 40 years experience in the Polymer Industry and had a wealth of knowledge.  Ralph worked as a consultant for Polydist since November 2020 and will be sorely missed by work colleagues, customers and the industry as a whole.

Ralph's funeral will be held on Wednesday 31st May at 12 noon at Stirling Crematorium.   All welcome for refreshments afterwards.

Stirlingshire Crematorium, Falkirk Road, Bannockburn, Stirling, FK7 8AJ

Tel: 0178 648 4710

All enquiries going forward to be sent to vince@polydistuk.com or becci@polydistuk.com 

Tim joins us as Specialties Business Development Manager!

Please welcome Tim, who has joined as Business Development Manager for the Specialties team. Tim attended our global conference in Dubai last week, getting to know everyone and the business objectives for 2023.The specialities team have an exciting year ahead, with plenty of investment and development taking place. Our specialities portfolio has been growing, going from strength to strength and we are very much looking forward to Tim joining us on the journey ahead. Having worked in the industry for 14 years, on projects in a variety of sectors such as automotive and agriculture, we are sure Tim will be a real asset to our customers and partners!

Welcoming Matt to our team!

Stand k265, Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition

SABIC HPP Seminar success, Southern Manufacturing Exhibition

Jan Szymula, Lead Engineer, Technical Development at SABIC HPP presented on the future of aerospace and E&E and the innovative solutions provided by SABIC high performance polymers at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibtion this morning.  If you would like to receive a copy of the presentation and are attending the show between today and 9th February, please visit us on stand K265. If you are not able to visit, please contact us on vince@polydistuk.com.

Engineering Design Show - a thank you!

Thank you to everyone that visited us at the Engineering Design Show this year.

It was a busy two days and a great opportunity to catch up with those of you we know while also meeting lots of new businesses. If we didn’t get a chance to meet with you this year, please do catch up with us regarding our new partners information and product availability by emailing us at sales@polydistuk.com 

August 2022 - Liza joins the Commodity Team at Polydist

Polydist welcomes Liza Jones who recently joined the Commodities Team as Account Manager

Liza has 10 years’ experience within the thermoplastics sheeting industry.  Liza is a highly motivated individual and is seeking to develop her experience and knowledge of the commodity market.

She will be involved in the management of all distribution sales of the Company’s commodity products and services including LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP products and will help to promote and grow the Polydist brand 

Liza can be contacted at liza@polydistuk.com – 07721 260 891

We wish Liza a long and successful career at Polydist

March 2022 - Engineering Solutions Live success.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers and the attendees we had the pleasure of meeting. If you were unable to make the show but would be interested in hearing more about our range of specialist, engineering and sustainable products and updated on our new partner announcement, please do get in touch. We can be contacted on sales@polydistuk.com or 01283 517517.

January 2022 - SABIC Specialties Material Solutions Portfolio Overview

SABIC Specialties business is focused on challenging technology endeavours that deliver fundamental progress to the way the world travels, communicates, works and lives.

Leveraging global application technology centres and deep materials processing expertise, Specialties’ solutions are provided to a wide range of industries to support global megatrends such as healthcare and water management, automotive electrification, renewable energy, connectivity and sustainability.

SABIC’s Specialties portfolio under the brands of ULTEM™, EXTEM™, SILTEM™, NORYL™, LNP™, ELCRES™ and ELCRIN™ includes engineering thermoplastic resins, copolymers, blends, compounds, composites, films, filaments and additives which can be described by 12 properties and strives to push boundaries.

For further information please contact:-

Vince Murphy – vince@polydistuk.com, Neil Lawson – neil@polydistuk.com or Anna Wodniak – anna@polydistuk.com

JANUARY 2022 - Anna Wodniak joins the Speciality Team

Polydist welcomes Anna Wodniak who has joined the Specialties Team as Business Development Manager.

Anna previously worked for Tennants Distribution and prior to that, Resinex, involved in selling commodity and engineering materials.   She has an extensive history of working in the plastics and electronics industry and is passionate about building strong customer relationships.

Anna will be working alongside our new and potential customers providing support and assistance for our range of SABIC Speciality products and will help to promote the Polydist UK brand.

Anna can be contacted at anna@polydistuk.com - 07443 758 936

We wish Anna a long and successful career at Polydist

December 2021 - SABIC’s specialties material solution for the European Railway Standard EN 45545-2

Download Rail PDF

December 2021 - Andrew Diamond joins the Polydist Team

Polydist welcomes Andrew Diamond who recently joined the Commodities Team as Account Manager

Andrew previously worked for Plastribution and has over 15 years’ experience in the commodities industry

Andrew will be involved in the management of all distribution sales of the Company’s commodity products and services including LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP products and will help to promote the Polydist UK brand 

Andrew can be contacted at andrew@polydistuk.com - 07803 888 426

We wish Andrew a long and successful career at Polydist

October 2021 - Polydist exhibited at Interplas

Polydist exhibited at Interplas and welcomed new and old visitors to their stand.

Overall, it was a successful show and we are looking forward to the next one


June 2021 Brexit Update

Almost 6 months since the much-feared Brexit deadline we are pleased to bring you our updated overview of how this might affect the flow of materials to you as a customer and what Polydist are doing to minimise any inconvenience.

We were all unsure of what difficulties we may have faced as the huge change in national circumstances took place at the year end. In the first few weeks we had to be prepared almost 24/7 to follow up on imports, trucks, clearance etc., to ensure that problems were kept to a minimum. There were of course some well publicised hold ups at the ports both sides of the Channel but as the year has progressed, we are pleased to note that delays are reducing as drivers, clearing agents and importers such as ourselves gain experience in the new procedural requirements.

However, the almost faultless transition is due in no small part to the pre-Brexit work undertaken by our Operations team and all at Polydist, but we still continue our vigilance and our close connections with all support companies in the chain.

We believe that the experience we have gained in the first half year, post-Brexit will stand us in good stead going forward, to manage all our imports and exports, but we remain committed to watching all developments closely to ensure we maintain the highest level of service to our customers and suppliers.

However, despite all of the above, if you are experiencing any problems or have any concerns regarding imports or exports that are provided by Polydist please do not hesitate to contact our Operations Team who will be happy to assist.


April 2021 - Low Environmental Impact Polyamides made from Selected Recycled Materials


SABIC’s Speciality business offers a materials portfolio with unique physical properties that can power the electrification market with innovation and productivity.

For further details please contact vince@polydistuk.com or neil@polydistuk.com

March 2021 - Chemical resistant materials for medical enclosures and housings

March 2021 - Electric Vehicle Technology from SABIC High Performance Polymers

Safety and functionality, electric vehicle battery packs lightweight specialty thermoplastic materials

March 2021 - Sabic supply ATEX rated materials - compliant PC-Copolymer based solutions

March 2021 - Laser Welding with LNP™ EXL Polycarbonate Copolymer Thermoplastic

LNP™ EXL resin offers benefits for the laser welding assembly of housings or enclosures for batteries and sensitive electronic equipment such as ECU’s and actuators.

For further information please contact vince@polydistuk.com or neil@polydistuk.com

March 2021 - Improved Chemical Resistance - Materials for Medical Enclosures and Housings

February 2021 - High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

Polystyrene is one of the most common types of polymers used in the manufacturing of packaging products. It’s a ridged plastic that is ideal for a versatile range of applications, we have standard melt and low melt grades, for more details see attached PDF’s

February 2021 - Battery Applications in Electric Vehicle Technology from SABIC High Performance Polymers

SABIC polymers in electric battery applications.

The environmental demand for transportation in the future to look at the mass elimination of fossil fuel use currently is driving the exponential development growth in Battery technologies. The SABIC Specialty product range is significantly aligned to supply polymer’s requiring the high performance necessary in the various applications.

Polymer grades within SABIC Specialty range like LNP’s PC Copolymer ranges , Ultem and Noryl can be considered for evaluation in these demanding applications as can be seen in the attached PDF


SABIC Specialties ‘Circular Solutions’. Reducing the amount of fossil based raw materials used by taking post-consumer recycled PET bottles and chemically converting them back to their monomers. Resulting in a recycled product with mechanical properties equivalent to virgin material.

January 2021 - Radici provide low environmental impact polyamides

Integrated sustainability and performance are what many industries, notably automotive, are looking for in product solutions.

With its long experience in the field of polymeric materials, RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers can fulfil this requirement with its wide range of products, encompassing Heramid® PA6 and PA6.6 polymers made of 100% selected materials primarily recovered from the production units of RadiciGroup Business Areas

December 2020 - Radici Group High Performance Polymers

Radilon® Mixloy, a new range of PA blends

Innovative solutions for automotive, consumer goods and E&E

May 2019 - Polydist attend Sabic’s first LNP™ Technical Summit

Polydist were in full attendance at Sabic’s first LNP™ Technical Summit in the European region which took place on the 14th of May in Bergen op Zoom. This was presented by Sunamita Anunciação

Specification & Product Marketing Specialist, LNP, Specialties, EMEA. Thanks to Sunamita for delivering a very professional and successful summit.